Listen Again: ‘Ghosts’ by Palindroma contains major Indian embellishments on top of a soothing Lo-Fi/Electronic track

Listen Again: ‘Ghosts’ by Palindroma contains major Indian embellishments on top of a soothing Lo-Fi/Electronic track

Palindroma, the act by Nitin M. Krishna, from Chennai, released a superb Lo-Fi or rather an electronic track with a Lo-Fi vibe, along with the icing on the cake by adding some major Indian embellishments as well. It is a Zen level production that we should not miss at all. This week, we wanted to write about this amazing creativity so that maybe after days of release, you can still think to go and check this out.

The song starts with a drone like Tanpura backings with some Sitar licks by Kalyani Deshpande, accompanied with a soothing vocal line by Malavika Dikshit, just in correct amount, to set the mood. The guitars along with the beat, takes it to a level right from there – just to suit the English vocals that came next. Being multilingual is not something new that’s happening in Indian Independent scene recently. However, what they did in this song is amazing. The whole decoration of words with suitable background and essence is what made the difference and yet, all parts in the song is glued together in the correct way, just in the right amount. Sign of a strong production is that where you feel the need for more but yet, you feel accomplished by whatever you heard.

Going back to the Beat – with some really cool bass lines and some clean Tabla licks playing around your ears, just keeping the groove on adds to the embellishing mood of the track. Not to forget, the hook is appropriate with the lines of note combination that has been followed. You must be asking, how come it is so accurate? Well, it is! This track has so many things in it and yet, nothing takes the pulse away. Everything has its own boundaries and maintains its own role perfectly. Again, sign of a great production. The fun part is this It felt like a lost-love song – the past – or the ghosts. So, more emotions and the valence chemicals has been used in making of this track, we guess!

Can’t let this go without mentioning the Hindi Shayri kind of approach in the bridge, in the middle of an English dominated track. You see, bridge is a part of the song that takes you away from the generic mood of the song, as a shot detour and brings you back to where you were. The general rule of thumb in production is to do it by maybe, changing the note combination of the melody or the rhythm or the chords or maybe more silence and lighter arrangements, but in this track, everything almost goes the same but what changes? The language! Also, the vocal tone. The tonality of expression changes. Vocals being on the top of attention just takes your attention to a different format, and even though the rest of it hardly changes, you don’t feel you are in the same zone. The bridge does its job and then once again, it brings back to the chorus and you feel like Home!

There are a lot of tracks we hear every time an artist approaches us. However, this track requires some really good attention which is why we kept it for our ‘Listen Again’ chapters. The independent scene brings out music daily that people forget weeks after its release. Therefore, we feel that it is important that people are reminded once again about how beautiful this piece of music is and make everyone go through it once again, even weeks after its release. This is, by far, one of the best produced tracks we have listened to, in the recent days. Well done Nitin!

Savage Mantis

May 16, 2021, 2:52:45 PM